Reflection of Good Sounds To Turntables

This will be my last post on this blog. What can I really say? It’s difficult to reflect back on what I wrote because I know for all that I have written about is my passion, which I will never let go of. Even if I may not keep on writing to you viewers, I am sure that I will be just as up to date on all things music, and so should you. Its been an eye opening adventure, sending me to many different ends as my professor in college grants us with the assignment and I attempt to do the best I can on it. After a while, it wasn’t even for the assignment. I mean of course we had homework guidelines for the blog posts, but after I began to write, the words started to flow. I tried to do my best in opening your eyes to the world of music, beyond this fake pop stuff we all know of and I hope some of you took something useful out of these posts, possibly a new style of music or maybe a new passion for EDM. It has been an honor growing my audience and actually hearing opinion and voices on the topics I spoke of. Thank you for everything, and keep listening to EDM!


EDM Success

Deslo Music Blog Posts:

Electric Dance Music is the indefinitely the best.

“EDM is the pinnacle of good rhythm and great drops” – Nicky Romero


Mentors: Nicky Romero, Hardwell, Axwell, Tchami

Tchami is strange, but likeable. Who doesn’t enjoy deep house?

Coffee with a little Tchami never hurt anybody.

Have you ever thought about what EDM producers do off time?

Entertainment millionaires are the worst people, but live the best lives.

Kanye might think he is the best, but look at Avicii’s house!

Hardwell just bought a new mansion. Go figure.

Money flows through the doors of EDM producers. It both makes me sick and happy that EDM is so popular.

EDM on the rise!

Forbes thinks they know the life of an EDM person HAHAHA

Vegas is not Ibiza… Stop pretending that EDM is good in Vegas. LONG LIVE IBIZA!!!

Seeing younger generations listening to EDM, and actually enjoying it, is mind blowing…

Don’t ever forget home, because that’s what made you.

From small stage to the main stage, all EDM festivals are amazing!

Forget Vinyl, here comes the new era of DJing.

“You don’t get the vibe by thinking of the money you will make.” – Armin Van Buuren

Family, Fame, Fortune. The elements of an EDM producer.

Escape From Wonderland

“Duuuuuuudeeeeee! Escape WAS… INSANE!!!!!”, my roommate shouts as he comes back at around 4 in the morning with colorful bracelets and neon colored clothes. At first I shrugged and turned over to the other side in an attempt to fall back asleep from my roommates 150-decibel scream. I had no idea what Escape was or anything that my roommate was telling me that morning, so I went back to sleep. The next day I asked him what it was about, and I became really intrigued.

In short, Escape is an enormous rave. I thought it was just like every other edm carnival, but this one was actually different. This carnival was on Halloween. The entire setup, lineup, and everything to do with the show was based on all hallows’ eve and all things Halloween.

To begin with, they have very eccentric stages making the overall experience even greater. They’re featured by live dancers who dress up in scary Halloween costumes. While the dancers are on stage, there are people going trough the crowd and scaring your brains out. They also have mazes to scare your socks off, art galleries, and even performances by famous dance groups. This festival is basically a mix between Halloween horror night and dj’s blasting your ears out with humongous speakers. It’s the perfect Halloween package if your looking to loose all hearing while being scared.

I have always been a big fan of horror nights at places like Universal Studios and Knott’s, so to see that a music festival is designed around the same concept is beyond me. It merges a fun and eventful night with great frights. What more could you ask for. Now knowing of this carnival, I plan on going in the years to come. So my roommate waking me the morning after Halloween was not such a bad thing after all. Below is a link to their website so you can explore the world of escape yourself.

The Uprise of Deep House

On a Sunday afternoon when your finishing up that homework that you were dreading to do all week, you chose to play some music when you do your work. Some people listen to slow rap to be mellow, and some listen to techno or trance to work fast. Over the years, DJ’s and music enthusiasts across the world have been listening to EDM, electric dance music, as they are looking to have a good time with friends, family, and to really just let loose. There’s a reason why you go to a club and you don’t hear poppy garbage playing form the DJ’s speakers, you hear upbeat tunes ranging from artists like Hardwell to Tiesto. Recently, a new form of EDM has been making an impression on people. Its known as Deep House. Many artists are now forming their tracks around these mellow, yet still upbeat tunes.

Deep House is difficult to explain. It’s more of a thing you have to listen to, to be able to understand why certain people rave about it. The best way of explaining it through writing is that it has components from Trance, a more upbeat and hardcore jumping type of music, while also incorporating older techno beats with more flow than a typical head banging song that makes your ears fall off by the end of three minutes.

You never used to hear Deep House in the clubs across the world, but now artists like Tchami and David Ghetta are following the trend. Tchami is a artist from France and has only been composing deep house songs. On the other hand, you have Mister David Ghetta who follows anything that anyone enjoys, so that he can buy even more cars and houses that he doesn’t need. Anyways, this new trend has crossed the attention of festivals like EDC and Ultra, now they have main stage performances with producers like Tchami, an artist that was unknown three months ago and now headlines in major stadiums across the world. Once again, Deep House is a type of music that you need to listen to. Below is a playlist of a mashup of deep house songs that I listen to very often.

Deep House is bringing a new hope to EDM. For years now, too many producers have been releasing songs that smash your ears together with the intensity of the drums. Deep House is that relaxed and melodic sound that I have always been looking for, and have also produced myself. It’s great music to do while you are doing homework or looking for a great beat. In fact, I’m listening to it right now, and so should you.

If you want to read more about music and it’s positive affects on who you are, then stop by my friends blog and read all about it!

What Makes EDC So Successful?

So far into my blog I have expanded on the importance of certain controllers over others, but I did not give a detailed analysis on music festivals and what makes them so popular. Yes, there is the generic answer that says being with thousands of random new faces makes it enjoyable itself. However, there are many little things that were are very well aware of, but don’t simply hone in on only those minute things that actually make the festivals so exhilarating.

Music festivals are played across the world, and all of them share similar characteristics. What makes one festival better than another? Is it the artists performing? The size of the crowd? Over the past decade or so, EDC or Electric Daisy Carnival has been shinning worldwide for its massive size and great lineups. But what truly makes EDC, EDC? The reason for which I believe EDC is so successful is their stage design and performers that work for the show. Over the coarse of one night at EDC in Las Vegas, Nevada, the stage changes 19 times. It changes lights, lasers, colors, features, even entire stages are shifted to create another image for their fans. When everyone is screaming in the crowd and chanting that one song by their favorite artist, it becomes difficult to realize what is actually happening in front of you. These little additions on top of the music makes the experience that much better.

Other great things that EDC incorporates to make their fans more interactive is their annual Discovery Project Stage Design Contest. This allows the fans to actually become a part of the entire festival. They select a few of the submissions and make the designs that their fans submitted. Prizes are also given out to those that were chosen.

If you ever get the chance, look up the sets that are created by elaborate designers that want to supply their fans with the most exhilarating time they can. The link below will direct you to a page showing all sets that were made for EDC earlier this year, I highly recommend that you check it out.

What Is The Best Low End DJ Controller?

In my first post on this blog, I focused on the controllers you should buy to not break the bank. In this post, I will go into more depth to explain the best controller for those of you high school or college students that don’t have the money to buy the top of the line gear.

First of all, I don’t even use the top of the line gear. I never truly understood the importance of getting the CDJ2000’s where you are spending thousands of dollars for a few more buttons. I use the DDJ-SX, which is one of the higher end cheap controllers. I am a college student myself, so I don’t even have enough time to DJ as much as I would like to.

In the posts that I have presented so far, all I have spoken about are Pioneer controllers, which, in my opinion, are by far the best. Pioneer’s “competitors” (even though almost everyone buys Pioneer) are Numark, Hercules, Vestax, etc. Honestly, the others are not even necessary to mention because these companies have monopolized the DJ industry. The major factor that comes to my mind once buying a controller is the overall feel of it. They all do the same thing, essentially, and you really need to be one with your controller. As cheesy as that might have sounded, it’s not a joke. Some of these companies like Numark and Vestax create little dingy pieces of junk that feel like they will snap once you pick them up. Hercules focuses their design on a stronger and bulkier fit for those that don’t move their console around that much. This is acceptable, but there are always going to be those times you want to bring it to someone’s house to DJ for them. And finally, the best console of them all, the Pioneer. Pioneer offers a wide range of products that are customized to your budget. No one ever said DJing was cheap, so these numbers may be scary to some. Don’t panic. Most company’s sell these products at ridiculously high prices because they know you cant buy such a great product for a cheaper price.

Going into more detail about pioneer boards, they have six different controllers that fit to what you can afford. At the cheapest you have the DDJ-SP1 for 300 dollars, which is honestly a great board if that’s what you are starting with. If you begin to play at parties and venues beyond your mom’s garage, then you should look into a DDJ-SR for 600 dollars or the DDJ-SX for 1000 dollars, the one that I have. These, of coarse, are for those of you who want extra features to help you mix songs on the spot, rather than pre-make all of your tracks, which turns into a hassle really quick. Then you have the ridiculously expensive DDJ-SZ for 2000 dollars. If you ask me, NEVER EVEN THINK OF BUYING IT! It’s a waste of money! You can get the exact same things (expect for only a few slight adjustments) from the SX for a thousand dollars less.

Plain and simple, go for the SX. If you don’t have the money to go for such an expensive board, then go with any of their lower priced controllers, you cannot go wrong with Pioneer. Just don’t look at the SZ or any other brand and you will be fine.

What is the Best Music Festival For You?

A couple times a year, you overhear your friends or anyone talking about Coachella, Ultra, Stagecoach, or really any music festival known to man. There is always a distinction and a purpose between all of the music festivals. There are some that are dedicated to country, edm, rock, etc. Whatever you enjoy listening to, there is a festival for it. In addition, going to a concert is nothing like a music festival. Speaking form experience, a concert is where you go to enjoy the actual music being live, but at a festival, its another world. When you go to a music festival, you never want to leave. It’s a weekend full of your favorite music and you feel attached to it forever. With this in mind, I will tell you what music festival you will most enjoy based on the music you enjoy.

First of all, you need to know that when you go to an edm based festival, you are going to have those people that dance frantically because they took too many drugs. Then again, you will probably find that at any festival, so beware!

Lets begin with rock. With rock, you can never really go wrong, unless you are really into alternative rock, most groups will be similar unless you are searching for one particular group. Lollapalooza is one that comes to mind when I think rock. Its one of the largest festivals of its kind, holding many different styles of music from alternative to people like Kanye West. Its held in Grant Park in Chicago, and focuses mainly on rock based artists. Other than this festival there is Ozzfest and Rock on the Range, but these are a more relaxed type of festival, and I would not recommend going to them.

Then comes country music. This is a different style of festival, once again. At these festivals many people are there just for the music, sitting and relaxing listening to the artists. It’s a lot like rock festivals, but the festivals are only country music, unlike many rock festivals. The top country festivals are Stagecoach, Country USA, and Country Fest. The thing about country festivals is that they are all similar. A lot of people are dancing and having a great time, but there are always those who sit and enjoy the tunes without dancing. You cant really go wrong with these festivals, unless the artists are absolutely terrible.

Third, and finally my favorite festivals, are edm carnivals. This category is very wide ranged. In this you could include Coachella, Ultra, Tomorrowland, and EDC. There are many more that could be added to this category, but these are by far the best. The only thing about Coachella is that they have many different styles of artists. It’s not only edm, its rock and many other genres. However, you could still have a great time if you want to listen to artists like Flume. Ultra and EDC come second, in my opinion. These are the types of festivals that people are all dancing and jumping to deep house, trance, etc. If you want all things edm, go to Ultra.

These are only a few of the thousands of festivals that are held throughout the world. There are always some festivals that you will enjoy more than others, but I hope that this post gave you some perspective.