What Is The Best Low End DJ Controller?

In my first post on this blog, I focused on the controllers you should buy to not break the bank. In this post, I will go into more depth to explain the best controller for those of you high school or college students that don’t have the money to buy the top of the line gear.

First of all, I don’t even use the top of the line gear. I never truly understood the importance of getting the CDJ2000’s where you are spending thousands of dollars for a few more buttons. I use the DDJ-SX, which is one of the higher end cheap controllers. I am a college student myself, so I don’t even have enough time to DJ as much as I would like to.

In the posts that I have presented so far, all I have spoken about are Pioneer controllers, which, in my opinion, are by far the best. Pioneer’s “competitors” (even though almost everyone buys Pioneer) are Numark, Hercules, Vestax, etc. Honestly, the others are not even necessary to mention because these companies have monopolized the DJ industry. The major factor that comes to my mind once buying a controller is the overall feel of it. They all do the same thing, essentially, and you really need to be one with your controller. As cheesy as that might have sounded, it’s not a joke. Some of these companies like Numark and Vestax create little dingy pieces of junk that feel like they will snap once you pick them up. Hercules focuses their design on a stronger and bulkier fit for those that don’t move their console around that much. This is acceptable, but there are always going to be those times you want to bring it to someone’s house to DJ for them. And finally, the best console of them all, the Pioneer. Pioneer offers a wide range of products that are customized to your budget. No one ever said DJing was cheap, so these numbers may be scary to some. Don’t panic. Most company’s sell these products at ridiculously high prices because they know you cant buy such a great product for a cheaper price.

Going into more detail about pioneer boards, they have six different controllers that fit to what you can afford. At the cheapest you have the DDJ-SP1 for 300 dollars, which is honestly a great board if that’s what you are starting with. If you begin to play at parties and venues beyond your mom’s garage, then you should look into a DDJ-SR for 600 dollars or the DDJ-SX for 1000 dollars, the one that I have. These, of coarse, are for those of you who want extra features to help you mix songs on the spot, rather than pre-make all of your tracks, which turns into a hassle really quick. Then you have the ridiculously expensive DDJ-SZ for 2000 dollars. If you ask me, NEVER EVEN THINK OF BUYING IT! It’s a waste of money! You can get the exact same things (expect for only a few slight adjustments) from the SX for a thousand dollars less.

Plain and simple, go for the SX. If you don’t have the money to go for such an expensive board, then go with any of their lower priced controllers, you cannot go wrong with Pioneer. Just don’t look at the SZ or any other brand and you will be fine.



  1. mkaram12 · October 22, 2014

    I have been looking to buy a dj controller and I’ve honestly only looked at the Numark NS6 or NS7 and that’s just because one of my old friends is a dj and that’s what he uses. Based on what you say though, I’m thinking that I will have to actually go to a store and try one out for myself. And thanks for the tip on Pioneer controllers, I’ll need to remember to check those ones out first.


    • deslomusic · October 24, 2014

      Well, Numark is one of the better controllers other than Pioneer. At some point you start to see that they are all really similar, and soon you just have to see if the controller fits your liking. If you have the budget for an ns7, I would go with the pioneer DDJ-SX. To be honest, the Newmark controllers feel too cheap for the price. In the end, you should go to a store like Guitar Center or any local music store and have a feel for what controller fits you the best. When you find out which one you go with, let me know!


  2. sleepingartichoke · October 24, 2014

    I really enjoyed reading this post! I am one of those people who has toyed with the idea of trying to learn to DJ as I have begin listening to more and more Electronic Music. I have spent hours reading into different DJ controllers and have yet to find one that is as straightforward as this. I am also in love with that fact that you took the time to mention how you say DDJ-SZ is not worth it! Most post like this always go on and on about how the more expensive decks have better features and how it is always worth it, but your post doesn’t do that. You say what people forget a lot, the way it feels is the most important thing. Great writing with some really solid advice and knowledge backing it, keep up the good work!


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