What Makes EDC So Successful?

So far into my blog I have expanded on the importance of certain controllers over others, but I did not give a detailed analysis on music festivals and what makes them so popular. Yes, there is the generic answer that says being with thousands of random new faces makes it enjoyable itself. However, there are many little things that were are very well aware of, but don’t simply hone in on only those minute things that actually make the festivals so exhilarating.

Music festivals are played across the world, and all of them share similar characteristics. What makes one festival better than another? Is it the artists performing? The size of the crowd? Over the past decade or so, EDC or Electric Daisy Carnival has been shinning worldwide for its massive size and great lineups. But what truly makes EDC, EDC? The reason for which I believe EDC is so successful is their stage design and performers that work for the show. Over the coarse of one night at EDC in Las Vegas, Nevada, the stage changes 19 times. It changes lights, lasers, colors, features, even entire stages are shifted to create another image for their fans. When everyone is screaming in the crowd and chanting that one song by their favorite artist, it becomes difficult to realize what is actually happening in front of you. These little additions on top of the music makes the experience that much better.

Other great things that EDC incorporates to make their fans more interactive is their annual Discovery Project Stage Design Contest. This allows the fans to actually become a part of the entire festival. They select a few of the submissions and make the designs that their fans submitted. Prizes are also given out to those that were chosen.

If you ever get the chance, look up the sets that are created by elaborate designers that want to supply their fans with the most exhilarating time they can. The link below will direct you to a page showing all sets that were made for EDC earlier this year, I highly recommend that you check it out.



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