The Uprise of Deep House

On a Sunday afternoon when your finishing up that homework that you were dreading to do all week, you chose to play some music when you do your work. Some people listen to slow rap to be mellow, and some listen to techno or trance to work fast. Over the years, DJ’s and music enthusiasts across the world have been listening to EDM, electric dance music, as they are looking to have a good time with friends, family, and to really just let loose. There’s a reason why you go to a club and you don’t hear poppy garbage playing form the DJ’s speakers, you hear upbeat tunes ranging from artists like Hardwell to Tiesto. Recently, a new form of EDM has been making an impression on people. Its known as Deep House. Many artists are now forming their tracks around these mellow, yet still upbeat tunes.

Deep House is difficult to explain. It’s more of a thing you have to listen to, to be able to understand why certain people rave about it. The best way of explaining it through writing is that it has components from Trance, a more upbeat and hardcore jumping type of music, while also incorporating older techno beats with more flow than a typical head banging song that makes your ears fall off by the end of three minutes.

You never used to hear Deep House in the clubs across the world, but now artists like Tchami and David Ghetta are following the trend. Tchami is a artist from France and has only been composing deep house songs. On the other hand, you have Mister David Ghetta who follows anything that anyone enjoys, so that he can buy even more cars and houses that he doesn’t need. Anyways, this new trend has crossed the attention of festivals like EDC and Ultra, now they have main stage performances with producers like Tchami, an artist that was unknown three months ago and now headlines in major stadiums across the world. Once again, Deep House is a type of music that you need to listen to. Below is a playlist of a mashup of deep house songs that I listen to very often.

Deep House is bringing a new hope to EDM. For years now, too many producers have been releasing songs that smash your ears together with the intensity of the drums. Deep House is that relaxed and melodic sound that I have always been looking for, and have also produced myself. It’s great music to do while you are doing homework or looking for a great beat. In fact, I’m listening to it right now, and so should you.

If you want to read more about music and it’s positive affects on who you are, then stop by my friends blog and read all about it!


One comment

  1. stevenisdrew · November 16, 2014

    I can totally tell the difference between the heavy bass dubstep and this deep house music! I’m not too familiar with these types of genres but have always wanted to experience EDC based off stories I’ve heard.. if this is what they’re playin I’ll definitely be getting pretty wild!

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