Escape From Wonderland

“Duuuuuuudeeeeee! Escape WAS… INSANE!!!!!”, my roommate shouts as he comes back at around 4 in the morning with colorful bracelets and neon colored clothes. At first I shrugged and turned over to the other side in an attempt to fall back asleep from my roommates 150-decibel scream. I had no idea what Escape was or anything that my roommate was telling me that morning, so I went back to sleep. The next day I asked him what it was about, and I became really intrigued.

In short, Escape is an enormous rave. I thought it was just like every other edm carnival, but this one was actually different. This carnival was on Halloween. The entire setup, lineup, and everything to do with the show was based on all hallows’ eve and all things Halloween.

To begin with, they have very eccentric stages making the overall experience even greater. They’re featured by live dancers who dress up in scary Halloween costumes. While the dancers are on stage, there are people going trough the crowd and scaring your brains out. They also have mazes to scare your socks off, art galleries, and even performances by famous dance groups. This festival is basically a mix between Halloween horror night and dj’s blasting your ears out with humongous speakers. It’s the perfect Halloween package if your looking to loose all hearing while being scared.

I have always been a big fan of horror nights at places like Universal Studios and Knott’s, so to see that a music festival is designed around the same concept is beyond me. It merges a fun and eventful night with great frights. What more could you ask for. Now knowing of this carnival, I plan on going in the years to come. So my roommate waking me the morning after Halloween was not such a bad thing after all. Below is a link to their website so you can explore the world of escape yourself.


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