Reflection of Good Sounds To Turntables

This will be my last post on this blog. What can I really say? It’s difficult to reflect back on what I wrote because I know for all that I have written about is my passion, which I will never let go of. Even if I may not keep on writing to you viewers, I am sure that I will be just as up to date on all things music, and so should you. Its been an eye opening adventure, sending me to many different ends as my professor in college grants us with the assignment and I attempt to do the best I can on it. After a while, it wasn’t even for the assignment. I mean of course we had homework guidelines for the blog posts, but after I began to write, the words started to flow. I tried to do my best in opening your eyes to the world of music, beyond this fake pop stuff we all know of and I hope some of you took something useful out of these posts, possibly a new style of music or maybe a new passion for EDM. It has been an honor growing my audience and actually hearing opinion and voices on the topics I spoke of. Thank you for everything, and keep listening to EDM!


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