Ghost Producing

If you have ever spent money on a music festival or some type of concert introducing famous artists, you have been robbed. You paid all of this money to listen to original music that is published by your “favorite artists”. However, you have been lied to. From the beginning of art itself, people have been victim to ghost producing. The artist that you adore so much, someone like David Guetta for example, has been hiring other unknown artists to produce their beats and music for them. We always see these collaborations with producers, but in the case of ghost producers, the other party was not mentioned or credited in any way. These famous artists like David Guetta, Martin Garrix and Kanye West sign documents that pay off the other producers to release these songs only under their name. In essence, these famous artists are buying out these talented unknown artists to release a tune that they allegedly created. This has actually been happening forever, but with the upbringing of paparazzi and social media, this information has now been released to the public. Now that famous producers are hearing that people call them “ghost producers”, they set up live streams and recordings as they produce the song to prove that it is theirs. Some even call reporters of magazines and TV shows to come and speak to them and sell their side of the story about how their song does not sound the same as another artist’s tune. In the following video, Nicky Romero, one of the world’s greatest producers, speaks up on the issue of ghost producing and what is wrong with it.

On the other end of the spectrum, many artists are being targeted for things that they never even committed. Artists like DJ Snake were harassed for his similar sounding songs to an unknown artist. Many of his fans dropped his songs and picked up other artists, who probably did the same thing that Snake did. In addition, many artists bring on board other artists to form a collaboration. This form of music is in no way ghost producing, but only two or three great producers coming together to make a great song. However, many famous songwriters such as Rihanna and Kanye West sit back as other people write their lyrics for them. Even though they definitely play some role in the outcome of the song, they still hire these other artists to produce the song that was so successful, without being credited for it. Nowadays, sadly, producers are out there to join the new trend and produce as many songs as possible to make a quick buck, even if that buck is a couple million dollars. These people are the sneaky rats of the music world that leech off the public to make their bank accounts even bigger.

When writing about this topic, I truly question everything that I have ever listened to. How do these artists come up with these different styles? Do they magically come up with the melody that lingers in your mind for days or did they steal this great sound? Many people overlook this issue, or don’t even know about it because they just want to listen to good music. But why would you allow these people to become even richer off of something they couldn’t even have dreamt of? I have Dj’ed for several years now, and I have a special ear when it comes to music. I sit and listen to different artists to find a unique sound that I want to add to a sequence of tracks to make people dance and have a good time. Many artists have their own style, but that moment when you listen through their album and it becomes a mish mash of random sounds, you lose all respect for that artist. Most recently, I listened to Tiesto’s newest album A Town Called Paradise. At first it was the generic Tiesto tune, but soon enough strange additions to his songs came out and I realized that no way could he have written this song. Sure enough, I Google the background behind Tiesto, and I find countless articles that say he hires ghost producers. I continue to question the decency of these artists, and my mind now forms around the allocations of hiring unknown artists to make songs without any credit.


Buying A Controller Without Breaking the Bank

DJing is very unique art form in itself. It is the way that someone delivers their feeling and emotion to many people who are simply looking for a good time. But behind those DJ’s is the technical and constant melody that is singing in his ears. He is the one in control of what you feel and how it is delivered. All of this is dependent on your hardware that is used. Behind the flashing panel in front of any famous DJ is a computer and an item called a “controller”. This is what keeps a set organized and makes mixing songs an easier task. Personally, I use the Pioneer DDJ-SX. Its one of the top of the line controllers, right bellow the three thousand dollar DDJ-2000. The 2000 is a great controller, but not for the price. Its past the point of normal people being able to purchase something so expensive that can, in a sense, change songs and blend them together. On top of the CDJ’s, which are only the turntables, you have to buy the CJM-2000, which controls all aspects of the CDJ’s such as the amount of sound that is emitted and all of the effects that come from the CDJ’s. The video below shows the setup for CDJ’s and the CJM by the manufacturer themselves.



Lets put it this way. Your paying thousands of dollars just to have a more unique feel to the turntables and to simply have what the pros are using. Everyone goes online and see’s Hardwell and others of his caliber who line up their sets with four CDJ’s (which is way more than you need for mixing, but since everyone is doing it, so do you) and a CJM to control and spend even more money. All around, you’re going to be dropping 13,000 dollars on only the controllers. Don’t even get me started on the speakers and other accessories that you can buy…that’s for another post.


I could be at a party, wedding, or just having fun in my room making the same great sounds as you would with 13,000 dollar equipment. When I mention to people that my board is worth 1000 dollars, people are shocked that I would do such a thing, as if they haven’t spent that much money on something they love. Yes it may be an expensive hobby, but its one of the most rewarding dedications. Seeing that crowd jump to the music that you are making gives you a rush like no other. Having a good time should not rely on what equipment you show up with. Sometimes people look at you in a negative way if you don’t show up with the Hardwell like equipment, as if you have made millions as a DJ.